Andrew & Niki Fourie


Andrew asked me to be his wife a few months earlier, on a cold day in Magaliesburg. My ring was not yet ready, so he proposed using the cutest R80 silver band from a random kiosk. I loved it.

Our wedding would not have been possible without our family members. We wanted to keep it simple, do it ourselves, and get off without breaking the bank.

This meant getting married on our family farm, in my Grandparents’ shed, where I used to play hide and seek when I was a little girl.

This farm wasn’t a fancy wine farm or a luxurious game farm – This farm is a small cattle business 20 min outside of Koster, North West. Where is that, you may ask? (Don’t feel bad because no one knows where it is!)

Since the farm is not a venue, we had to do everything ourselves. From our Dad’s building benches to family members building tables. I embroidered 100 serviettes, and my two sisters helped with the additional 30. My mom sewed the serviettes. Andrew and I also macramed more than 15 runners for the table as well as for the arch under where we married. My best friends were responsible for my wedding cake and our flower crowns. I hand drew the program myself.

The week before the wedding, our families came from all over the country to help us with the setting up and preparations. We had enough accommodation for all 130 of our guests on the farms around the reception, and we made every bed.

The ceremony was held next to a dam, with the benched that my father and father-in-law made. My best friend from school played classical guitar while the people made their way to their seats.  I walked down the aisle on Persian rugs from my parents’ house to Married Life from the soundtrack to the movie ‘Up.’ Our bridesmaids and groomsmen were all dressed in different colours, Andrew in a brown wool suit, and my dress had colourful flowers hand-stitched on the back. Our friends read individual readings about love or marriage before the pastor did the ceremony. Mushu, our Italian greyhound was our special guest.

Our canapes were held on my Grandparent’s front porch. My brother-in-law and a friend played on the ukulele and we hired a Jazz band to entertain while munching on some farm bread, freshly baked by my mother, and a glass of beer from an ice-cold Keg.

I wanted the wedding to be a breakaway for everyone. I wanted people to come and rested and have a good time. I wanted them to feel at home. I wanted the reception to look like a carnival for your eyes. Everywhere you look, something must be exciting and weird. I wanted them to see a mini golden dinosaur next to an antique candleholder, and a porcelain piggy bank right next to a 100% cotton macramé runner. I wanted each table to have different chairs, different antique plates – another feast for the eyes! We hung the fairy lights and the draping ourselves. We had a wall of pictures at the back of the hall and included all family and friends. We also asked our families for their old wedding pictures, and also displayed them. In the corner of the shed, there was a DIY Tattoo bar, a fingerprint guestbook, and a polaroid guestbook. (Which turned out to be loooads of fun after a few drinks!)

We tried to support the local businesses and hire help from the area. Our farm workers were a big part of setting up and moving of furniture between the houses on the farm. Our caterer was fantastic and right from Koster itself. I had my nails and treatments done at a beautician in the pharmacy! The glasses were from an events company in Rustenburg. We had the most delicious homemade koeksisters, made by a sweet man and his wife in Koster.

While we had the best time of our lives and couldn’t have asked for a better day to celebrate our love, this wedding was the definition of a community of people coming together and making the day and weekend an unforgettable experience.


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  • Cake: Delish
  • Wedding dress: Carike Nel Designs
  • Venue: Malan Bankdrift; 082 903 3554 (Heilet Scholtz)
  • Photographers: Koringkriek – 083 424 1297,
  • DJ: Johan 067 611 1300
  • Band: Straight Ahead; Rupert Harris 082 397 0322
  • Catering: Phillip’s Catering; 083 640 4694
  • Event hiring: Jessies Rustenburg