Michiel & Nathalia Steenkamp


From te day we first met, we knew we were going to get married.. The sea was our first choice and ultimate wedding destination… Obviously a huge expensive wedding was never an option (we wanted to focus on simplicity and closeness to Gods’ powerful creation, The ocean) … All we wanted was to celebrate our unity as one with close family by the sea and with my greek heritage we did just that.. A little greek wedding on the beach with spectacular weather for our photo session we were TRULY BLESSED … Instead of spending crazy amounts of money on a huge wedding props we focused on the important things like good food and( and did all the catering and decor ourselves..) Family  with a beautiful sea view at Neptunes cove) .. What more do you need for a romantic magical wedding.. We gathered the family and drove down to Kei Mouth got married barefoot on the beach. …Every moment was unforgettable, romantic and having close family share that special moment with us is absolutely priceless! …


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Rekening Houer:  Mooi Troues
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Takkode:  250-655

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Branch Code:  250-655

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  • Our photographer: Estefania Romero